Sunday, June 27, 2021

Audiobook Version of Engine of Creation:The Complete Series is Now in Process


Engine of Creation: The Complete Series Audiobook Cover
Engine of Creation: The Complete Series Audiobook Cover

The recording, editing, and mastering of the audiobook version of EoC:TCS has begun in earnest. Using parts from a now-defunct podcast my wife and I put together years ago, I've assembled a small recording studio in the back of my walk-in closet--finally found a use for all those 4XLT flannel shirts I own.

The book breaks down into seven intros, one outro, and eighty-eight chapters for a total estimated length of ten-eleven hours. This will require anywhere from seventy to over a hundred hours of work to complete. Currently, I am working on Book 1-Weapon, and I hope to work out most of the bugs in the process by the time I start Book2-Rescuer.

The biggest hurdle I've encountered is my lack of speaking experience. For the last several decades or so, I have verbally communicated with my fellow human beings less and less. I am uncomfortable in group situations and do not enjoy casual conversation, so narrating a book--even my own--is really pushing my comfort envelope. As the great poet said: Buck up, Snowflake. The corn isn't harvesting itself (actually, I just made that up.)

I'll keep you posted with updates. Until next time, have a good one.

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