Sunday, December 6, 2020

Announcing: Stryker Team: The Complete Series by Frank Carey

Stryker Team: The Complete Series cover image
Stryker Team: The Complete Series by Frank Carey

 Doctor, Marine, murderer... Kalana Grenor's been through a lot of changes. Can she survive one more?

A doctor and a captain in the Space Marines until her fiancĂ©, Peter, died on her operating table, Kalana is wracked with guilt. Peter's mother swore a vengeance against the woman who nearly became her daughter-in-law. Given a second chance by the military, Kalana fights to regain her life and find out who was behind Peter's killing. 

These are the stories of the League of Planetary Systems' first team of nanorobot-enhanced warriors--the strykers—as they protect the League from threats both internal and external.

This anthology contains all 8 books in the Stryker Team series:









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