Thursday, October 31, 2019

Announcing Creative Endeavours - a Micro-Bookstore

Creative Endeavours Micro-Bookstore at Painted Tree Marketplace in Mansfield, Texas
Today, my wife, Jo, and I begin an experiment in the form of Creative Endeavours,  a 60 sq. ft. micro-bookstore located in the Painted Tree Marketplace in Mansfield, Texas. In this tiny booth, you will find all of our books that are currently published in paperback form. That's over 120 titles in science fiction, romance, terror, and women's adventure. You will also find non-fiction books by my daughter, Dr. Stevie Dawn, and framed photographic prints from the last two decades.

Painted Tree Marketplace can be found at 1551 Hwy 287 North, Mansfield, Texas 76063. Stop by and see what we and the other vendors have to offer.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Announcing: Dry Spell by Jo Carey

Dry Spell by Jo Carey

Klym Tulook has been an interspecies mediator for most of his life and has risen to the top of his field, but even that hasn't prepared him for life in small-town America where no one is what they seem.

When trouble comes to Dry Spell, can Klym come up with a plan that provides the happily ever after he never knew he wanted?

Friday, October 11, 2019

Annoucing: Legend of Soothsayer Byway (Legendary Creatures Book 4)

The Legend of Soothsayer Byway (Legendary Creatures Book 4) by Jo Carey
According to legend, a witch turns into a giant raven to terrorize those who dare to travel the Soothsayer Byway. Can Adrayanna capture the spirit of the byway in her photos or has the byway captured her? Maybe the legend got it wrong. The soothsayer can’t predict the future if you don’t have one.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Announcing: Salvage by Frank Carey

Salvage by Frank Carey

A mistake made over forty years ago has returned to haunt Joseph Dombrowski. One a world-renowned geneticist, Joe now works in space as an interplanetary tow truck driver. His idyllic life is interrupted by the return of a horror that he created. He must stop this threat to Earth and the other planets in the Confederation before it's too late.