Friday, July 27, 2018

Share the World We Write In

Tracks in the Sand

My husband, Frank, is a science fiction writer who created the League of Planetary Systems. As I got involved with editing Frank’s books, I found I really enjoyed the species and characters he was creating. The League, as we call it, is a rich, diverse universe with many planets and species. I was hooked.

At the time, I was writing what I guess you could call traditional earth-based stories in a few different genres. I think Frank thought I was crazy when I asked if he would mind if I wrote some stories using his universe and characters. I hoped my books would expand on what he was already doing and not detract from it.

My classic cozy mystery series, Galactic Cruise Lines, is set on a spaceship cruising to various planets in the League carrying staff and passengers from around the League. Some of the character interactions. These are classic cozies with a touch of humor, a bit of romance, and a lot of characters who aren’t from Earth.

We have insectoid species, felenoids species, and elves. It’s great fun to write in the League. I’ve also tried my hand a writing clean, wholesome romance set in the League. I’d like to think of it as “aliens need love to.”

A lot of writers were surprised that we could share the universe so easily. It really isn’t a problem for us. Both of us have added planets and species to the mix. I’ve written books like, Ciara in Warrior Women, in which the primary character is someone created by Frank. But it goes both ways. I found Ciara a mate, Clint Simms, who shows up in several of Frank’s books.

We share our writing hobby, so sharing the universe seemed natural, though it can lead to some strange questions.  Sometimes when we’re out to dinner, I’ll ask, “Can a Degrebian mate with a Canuran?” We get some strange looks from our fellow dinners.

Sharing is the reason I write. I want to share my stories with readers because in the end…
It’s all about the tale.

Jo Carey

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