Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Releases

Search for Rotaton
Once the director of OffSec's time travel program, Samantha Hardy finds herself facing the League's greatest threat on a world at the edge of known space. Can she thwart its evil plan before it's too late? Read Search for Rotaton and find out. Search for Rotaton is the fifth book in the Alliance Chronicles which follows Lord Gregory Alabaster and his Alliance as they protect the League of Planetary Systems from threats from the past, present and future.

Library Terror
The village of Endicott is ground zero in the war between physical books and ebooks. Bookworms have launched an attack on the Endicott Public Library and librarian Agnes Peabody is trying to mediate a peaceful solution as the bodies start piling up. With their food source decimated by the shift to electronic books the worms are fighting for survival. Can Agnes mediate a peaceful resolution that allows the town and the worms to survive?

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