Friday, June 22, 2018

It's All About the Tale

Still Life with Clock and Chalice

Frank and I love writing. We enjoy the process and hope our joy of writing comes through in our books. Recently we realized we will be publishing our 100th book sometime soon. Wow! That thought made me step back and take a look at our body of work. What do all of our books have in common?

We’ve written a lot of series and a few stand-alone novels.

We’ve written several short novels and some that are longer.

Together our books span the genres of cozy mystery, space opera, romance, medical thrillers, and creature stories.

Many of our books feature strong female characters.

All of our books have a bit of humor.

When we started writing, we quickly realized it was easy to get caught up in all the “helpful” advice out there for new authors.  While its true that as an author you have to think about your cover, and description, and editing, and formatting and a million other details, we decided the most important thing is the story itself. That was the birth of our tag line.

Now, if we find ourselves getting stuck in the morass of book marketing advice, or internet posts that claim to have the formula to create the perfect description, we just remind ourselves…

It’s all about the tale.

Jo Carey

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