Friday, June 29, 2018

I Love Creature Stories

Black Vulture

I love a good creature story or even just an OK creature story. If I’m being honest, I can enjoy even a really terrible creature story more than an award-winning drama.  If I want drama, I watch the news. For entertainment, you can’t be a good creature. I love watching them, reading them, and writing them.

In creature stories, at least for me, size doesn’t matter. These stories can feature big creatures, like Bigfoot or tiny creatures like the Feenix Bug from book 3 in my Bug Hunters in Space series.  Creatures can be man-made like the Black Flies from Cryptid Ops Book 2 or the results of manipulation by scientists as with the flying spiders from Cave Terror.  Sometimes the creatures are just doing what they naturally do but with unexpected results—what happens when you mix spiders and energy drinks.

Sometimes the scariest creatures are the small ones that can easily be overlooked. I think this is why so many people have a fear of spiders. It’s pretty easy to avoid a lion. You can see them. But a spider can sneak into cracks and crevices to startle you when you least expect it.
Science gone wrong often plays a strong part in my creature stories. Man is always trying to improve on nature—usually with disastrous results.

I love the writing creature stories, because I love reading them.  There’s usually an element of “what were they thinking” or “they should have known better” to these stories. There’s a lot of terror and death in most of my creature stories but someone always survives. Of course, in true creature story fashion, so do the creatures.

Remember no matter what kind of stories you like to read…it’s all about the tale.

Jo Carey

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