Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kerfuffle End Game

White Sands Self-Portrait

Amazon has set the page rate for April and we have lost no page reads, so I think (knock on wood) the kerfuffle is over. All of our books (published and unpublished) are now out of KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited and our page reads (Due to pages still stored inside readers' devices) have slowed to a trickle. Now, on to marketing.

As we have stated before, we got out of KDPS/KU due to the threat of account suspension and termination by KDP. Author//publishers who were hit with page read strips and "strip and threaten" e-mails experienced account suspensions  starting around May 9th for the April reporting period. The common thread was they got stripped two months in a row. I have no first-hand knowledge of this, so you should do your own research.

Why did Amazon take this route? Unknown. All I know is Amazon's approach led to my wife and I leaving the KDPS/KU program permanently. I dislike companies dehumanizing their suppliers for any reason. Allegedly, a number of people lost their livelihoods for no reason other than enrolling in the KDPS/KU program. Personally, I'm pretty much sure that the wife and I won't be rejoining the KDPS/KU program anytime soon. As with all decisions like this one, it is up to the individual author to decide what path to take. Reportedly, a number of authors are doing great with books enrolled in the KDPS/KU program. Others, not so much. As a self-published author, it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on a course of action. What works for my wife and I may not work for you. Weigh the data, then make a decision.

Frank Carey

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