Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Welcome and News of the Day

Welcome to the blog of authors Frank and Jo Carey, aka Elven Industries Press. We have created this blog to share information about our books and writing efforts with our readers. For more information about our work, you can visit the Frank Carey Amazon author page or the Jo Carey Amazon author page.

News (11 April 2018):

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Jo and I have been forced to terminate our participation in the Amazon KDP Select Program which means our books will be no longer available under Kindle Unlimited. We've taken this step to insure that we will be able to continue publishing our books on the Amazon platform. We apologize for any and all difficulties this may cause for our readers, but Amazon has forced our hand on this subject. We will explain our decision more completely in an upcoming post.

I will be publishing a new series based on situations from Adventures of the League Space Patrol Books 8 and 9. Stay tuned for further details.

Have a great day.


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