Saturday, April 28, 2018

Story Research

Dung Beetle

Today I was doing some research for my next creature terror book in the same vane as Ice Terror. I started by looking at Top 10 animal lists.

You know how we love lists.  I found the fastest animals(Cheetah), those with the strongest bite (gorillas and polar bears), the ones with the best sense of smell (bears.) Along the way I found some strange and interesting facts too.

A type of frog called a wood frog takes hibernation a step further than other animals. The wood frog stops breathing entirely and their bodies cool down so much that ice crystals form in their blood until the summer sun thaws them out and the frogs start breathing again.

Topping the list of the strongest animals was the dung beetle. A dung beetle can pull over a thousand
 times their own weight. That's strong! I'll admit my first thought was that a lot of s%&t!

Jo Carey

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