Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Open Letter to Kindle Unlimited Users

We are saddened to announce that we are pulling all our books from the KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited program. We apologize to the many readers who have enjoyed our books over the past few years  as part of their Kindle Unlimited subscription. This process will finish sometime before the end of July.

Last week we were notified by Amazon that suspicious activity occurred on some of our books in KU. The form notification we received indicated the problem was related to book marketing services, but the only book marketing service we have ever used to promote our books is Amazon's own AMS.

We were told if the activity continued Amazon might shut down our access to publish on Amazon. Because Amazon has such a large share of the book market, we simply couldn't take that risk. Our only recourse was to remove all our books from the Kindle Select/Kindle Unlimited service.

We apologize to those who use the service and hope you'll continue to enjoy our books that are for sale on Amazon.

Jo and Frank Carey, Authors
"It's all about the tale."

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